These novelty dampeners absorb racket vibration and are a big hit with kids – fun and functional.

NB: Images are representation; mixed set is assembled according to stock availability or on request.

Set of 12 Mixed Dampeners
Tennis Dampeners
Set of 12
Set of 6 Mixed Dampeners
Tennis Dampeners
Set of 6
Sets include various colours & designs...
Sonic Blue Dampener Sonic Yellow Dampener Butterfly Dampener Lady Bird
Dampener Alien Blue Dampener Alien Green Dampener Alien Pink Dampener Little Man
Dampener Red Face Dampener Blue Face Dampener Flower Dampener Bee
Dampener Peace Dampener I Love Babolat Dampener Ball Target Dampener Court Target
Dampener Bloodshot Green Eye Dampener Evil Wink Blue Dampener Blue Fish Dampener Brain
Dampener Bloodshot Blue Eye Dampener Frog Dampener Racket Dampener Stary Eyed Panda
Dampener Tennis Ball Dampener White Flower Dampener Yellow Smiley Face Dampener Aligator
Dampener Eagle Dampener Elephant Dampener Giraffe Dampener Hippo
Dampener Koala Dampener Lion Dampener Monkey Dampener Panda
Dampener Tiger Dampener Turtle Dampener Zebra Dampener Wimbledon Logo
Dampener Wimbledon Cartoon